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90-229 Łódź, ul. Kamińskiego 21, II piętro, mail: fundacja@innopolis.pl
Kontakt w sprawie projektów i współpracy: kom. 512-667-512
Kontakt w sprawie oferty szkoleniowej: kom. 537-201-300
Kontakt z biurem Fundacji: kom. 798-201-307.


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The Innopolis Foundation

The Innopolis Foundation is a Polish independent NON-GOVERNMENTAL organization. Established in 2010, headquartered in Lodz – the third largest city in Poland (120 km from Warsaw). Our specialty is to SUPPORT YOUTH and their parents and teachers. We work with talented teenagers but also with young people experiencing same problems.

Youth   Youth   

We focus on human DEVELOPMENT in all aspects of his life – change yourself, change society, change the world! We are open to every man and good ideas. We believe FUTURE POWERED BY PEOPLE.

Youth   Youth

The Innopolis Foundation believes that TRUST between people can be CAPITAL more important than money. We do not know any other way to create this social capital than healthy FAMILY and growing human EDUCATION. In principle we trust parents, teachers and students. In every man we can find RESOURCES. The name of our Foundation refers to two important aspects of life: INNOVATION (change) and POLIS (community).

Youth   Youth

Contact with us:

Tomasz Bilicki: tomasz.bilicki@innopolis.pl 
- President and founder

Jaroslaw Stepien: jaroslaw.stepien@innopolis.pl 
- Vicepresident
- Coordinator of trainings

Youth   Youth

Office and postal address:

The Innopolis Foundation
Targowa 9A Street
90-042 Lodz, Poland